Roaming around New York City

We just got back from a short trip to New York City. Having unused upgrades that we didn’t want to lose was a good incentive, so we looked around for a good travel deal. The New York Times Travel Show was coming up and that was an excellent excuse to return to the “Big Apple” for a few days.

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Attending The New York Times Travel Show

We are just back from The New York Times Travel Show! This is one of the biggest travel shows and attracts over 30,000 visitors every year. While we wish it were held a few months later with warmer weather, we were happy to get to New York for an extended weekend. Continue reading Attending The New York Times Travel Show

Charge on the go!

Having flown over 2 million miles, I have had my share of travel experiences. I’ve also purchased and worked with a number of travel gadgets and gizmos, some good some bad. We’ve created this Travel Tech section to help our readers and we do not have any affiliation with these products nor do the manufacturers or distributors pay us. We simply write about what we believe in and what has helped us.

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Beach cleanup efforts

Every time I go to the beach I end-up doing a mini beach cleanup. I just can’t leave that piece of plastic on the beach; I have to pick it up. It’s so easy to do so! Why litter when all we need to do is to bring back home, recycle or dispose of it in one of the numerous trash cans along the beach? It’s so easy that even little kids can do it! Sometimes people ask me why I’m doing this and I’m happy to Continue reading Beach cleanup efforts

A few days in Montreal for the holidays

Montreal is so beautiful under a fresh coat of snow! Even more so during the holidays when the Christmas lights are twinkling and glowing through the white snow. Every year since we moved south we look forward to our holiday time visit; it has become a tradition. To reunite and celebrate with family is the main purpose of our trip but we also get to reminisce about our lives there, after all this where we spent most of our lives. Revisiting some of our favorites places and indulging Continue reading A few days in Montreal for the holidays

Going on a long trip: here are 12 tips on how to prepare

If you are lucky enough to be going on a long trip or extended vacation we are excited for you. For a variety of reasons we’ve always been somewhat restricted from taking long trips. Limited work vacation windows, pets to get back to, or simply limited time or money have held us back.

We’ve often thought, especially on those far away trips, that after traveling 20 or more hours to get to a destination, you really only start to Continue reading Going on a long trip: here are 12 tips on how to prepare