Diving the 2nd and 3rd largest artificial reefs in the world

The Florida Keys have a lot of wrecks, and with our weekend trip we picked the two largest, and the two bookends of the Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail. We’d been dreaming of doing these two world-famous wrecks for a while now, and could not resist. After our experience I can say that the sheer size of these two massive ships will take us many more dives to get fully acquainted with them. There are also many other interesting dive sites in between Key Largo and Key West. So in other words, we will be back for sure! What is the largest artificial reef in the world you ask?

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Rounding your nitrox values

While diving the Vandenberg, we were setup for two 100-feet+ dives running 30.2 and 30.8 percent nitrox mixes. For those that are not familiar with nitrox gas or diving, it is a mixture that contains more oxygen but has inherent hazards in that going below the prescribed depth can lead to oxygen toxicity and death. Divers train to know what these depths are and set their computers or their dive profiles accordingly. Continue reading Rounding your nitrox values

Visiting the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary

Located in Tavernier, the sanctuary shelters over a hundred wild birds including hawks, owls, pelicans, and many more. We love to visit and make a small donation to help keep the sanctuary going. What we love is the way each bird has a small explanation of how it was found, why it cannot be released and how it’s adapting to life in the shelter. Continue reading Visiting the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary

Visiting the History of Diving Museum

It was our second visit to this wonderful museum and we always get a laugh and some new tidbit of information about one of our favorite subjects, diving! If you’ve never been, it’s definitely worth the trip and the 12$ adult entrance. The museum is well laid out taking you back to the 1500s with early attempts at diving and the various inventions that have come to be discovered. Continue reading Visiting the History of Diving Museum

Florida Keys Update

The Keys are open, and they would welcome and appreciate our business!

On Sept 10th, Hurricane Irma, a storm the size of Texas barreled across the Keys and up the Florida Peninsula causing havoc and devastation. The eye crossed at Big Pine, Summerland and Cudjoe Key but there was major damage all the way from Key Largo to Key West Continue reading Florida Keys Update

Local scene: Discovering Greynolds Park

This 249-acre park is located on the site of the old Ojus Rock quarry and is named after the owner A. O. Greynolds who donated most of the land making the park possible. This surprisingly large park can be found on West Dixie Highway and 180th St just south of Aventura in North Miami. Full of hammock and mangrove trees, the park is a natural preserve. Continue reading Local scene: Discovering Greynolds Park

Staying safe on the water with the Nautilus GPS beacon

Anyone that has seen the movie Open Water, read the book Diver Down, or even read the many Divers Alert Network articles on diving safety knows that there can be a real risk of being swept away by currents and quite possibly out of view from your buddy, group, or dive boat. A scary thought. Continue reading Staying safe on the water with the Nautilus GPS beacon

Diving the Ken Vitale Memorial (Tracy Wreck)

This was our first time out after Hurricane Irma, and you never know what can happen when such a massive force of nature comes barreling through the neighborhood. Nothing is safe, not on land or underwater. We’d heard stories of wrecks split in half, overturned, or moved a fair bit after the effects of prior hurricanes. Even with a miss from subsequent hurricanes Lee and Maria there have been reports of all kinds of rip currents and strong weather around our local dive sites. Continue reading Diving the Ken Vitale Memorial (Tracy Wreck)

South Florida Beach Guide

South Florida has a multitude of well-equipped beaches all along its coastline making it a pleasure for locals and visitors to partake in oceanfront beach activities. As we learned ourselves, the beaches are not always easy to find, and it’s not always obvious where to park or what facilities exist. It is our hope to document and present these spots in an easy to access guide so that our neighbors and our visitors alike can enjoy these wonderful spots. Heading up and down the coast to take pictures and document beaches is hard work,  but somebody has to do it, why not us  Continue reading South Florida Beach Guide