Participating in the Sea Watch and SOS Ocean Conservation Day and Beach Cleanup

Last Sunday we went to go take part in SOS’s beach cleanup in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. More than a beach cleanup, this was an informative day with kiosks and tables setup by a number of local environmental causes and organizations including sea turtles, sharks, rescue a reef, and even some local dive shops.

Arriving at 9am we managed to grab a bucket and get at least a few minutes of collection in before the huge thunderclouds and lightening scared us back under cover. We waited it out in the car for a while but the radar showed a good two hours or more of storm activity so we headed home despite wanting to help more.

Bad timing for a storm, but I guess that is Mother Nature doing her own cleaning as well! We were happy to hear that it did eventually clear up and that the event was still a success.

If only people would all pick up after themselves or better yet spend just a minute or two picking up after each other the beach wouldn’t even need a large organized event to do cleanup. Wishful thinking I know ,but sometimes we lead by example. I’ve seen others pitching in after I make an effort to pick up trash on our local beach. It’s rare but heartwarming when it happens. Let’s all set that standard and be a good example!

It’s our planet, let’s clean it up!

N.A.T Initiative

Here is a great ad I saw about how the sea feels about it: Plastic Change


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