Preloading maps to use Google Maps offline

So you never know if you’ll have good internet coverage (or if roaming charges will be high) and the car rental company still wants 15$ a day for their GPS, what do you do?

You can actually download maps while you are at home and then have them in Google Maps even when offline. These maps could be large (400 MB for Ireland, 50 MB for Iceland) but having the maps downloaded will let you search for directions even when you are offline or having connectivity problems while abroad.

Here are some instructions:

  1. Make sure you download the Google Maps app
  2. Launch the app and make sure you login with your account
  3. Select the three bars on the top left to bring up the menu
  4. Select offline areas
  5. Select custom area
  6. Bring the map to the country or area you are planning to visit (the bigger the area, the bigger the map)
  7. Press download and wait for it to load (may take a while depending on your internet connection)

Once loaded you can simply use Google Maps and look for directions for points on this area with or without a connection. Maps stay active for 30 days but you can refresh them by redownloading.

Hope this helps you navigate and find your way around when traveling.

Happy and safe travels!


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