Visiting the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary

Located in Tavernier, the sanctuary shelters over a hundred wild birds including hawks, owls, pelicans, and many more. We love to visit and make a small donation to help keep the sanctuary going. What we love is the way each bird has a small explanation of how it was found, why it cannot be released and how it’s adapting to life in the shelter.

The center can be visited for free (donations only) and a 15-30 minute visit is all that is necessary. Be sure to walk to the end of the path through the mangroves to the waterfront for some nice views.

Be wary of the pelicans on the path, some tended to be a little territorial and we’ve seen them snapping at visitors. All in good fun — just keep a little distance.

You can visit from sunrise to sunset. The Laura Quinn wild Bird Sanctuary’s mandate is to rescue, rehabilitate and release wild birds as well as educate the public.





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