Don’t use the hotel app to checkout unless you really mean it!

On a recent trip out of Montreal we had a super early flight at 6 am and as we left the hotel around 4 am I used the convenient hotel app to check out, this is what we usually do to save a trip to the front desk and have the folio emailed to me. It also gives the hotel a chance to get the room ready for the next guests.

On this occasion, we had a flight change and instead of being on the 6 am we were scheduled to go at 1 pm instead. We thought for a minute that this would actually give us time to go back to the hotel and relax a bit as the usual checkout is only at noon. I called the hotel to try to un-checkout but was told that this was not possible.

The moral of the story is: why use the app to check out early if you don’t have to. Consider whether you should keep that room available for a few more hours in case you do have a delay or itinerary change.

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