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Things to do around South Florida

South Florida Beach Guide

South Florida has a multitude of well-equipped beaches all along its coastline making it a pleasure for locals and visitors to partake in oceanfront beach activities. As we learned ourselves, the beaches are not always easy to find, and it’s not always obvious where to park or what facilities exist. It is our hope to document and present these spots in an easy to access guide so that our neighbors and our visitors alike can enjoy these wonderful spots. Heading up and down the coast to take pictures and document beaches is hard work,  but somebody has to do it, why not us  Continue reading South Florida Beach Guide

Visiting the Palm Beach Zoo

As a child I looked forward to zoo outings either with my family or school. I just loved seeing all the animals and for me this was very exiting! My favorites were big cats and seals. The other day I came across an old photo album filled with seal pictures that I had taken as a young girl. There were dozens and on some photos the seals heads were missing but they found a place in my album regardless. Zoos were the only place where I could see and observe exotic animals and this is where my appreciation for these majestic creatures was born. Continue reading Visiting the Palm Beach Zoo

Exploring the backwaters on the Jungle Queen!

We recently had some family visiting so we were out on the tourist track taking them around to see local sites and attractions. One that we’ve done in the past ourselves was the Jungle Queen riverboat adventure. Located just across the southern point of Fort Lauderdale beach on the Intracoastal side, this attraction has been operating since 1935 and Continue reading Exploring the backwaters on the Jungle Queen!

Butterfly World, more than just butterflies!

Over by Pompano just north of the Fort Lauderdale airport, Butterfly World has been around since 1988 and it’s the first butterfly house in the US and the largest in the world! It encompasses 3 acres and houses botanical gardens and a working butterfly farm, and a couple of aviaries. Continue reading Butterfly World, more than just butterflies!

Discovering the Anne Kolb Nature Center

Located just North of A1A off Sheridan Ave between Hollywood and Dania Beach, the Anne Kolb Nature Center is a 1,500 acre coastal mangrove wetland that is home to a large variety of plants, animals, reptiles and birds— including many endangered species. It makes for a great location for hiking, birdwatching, and kayaking in the mangroves. Continue reading Discovering the Anne Kolb Nature Center

Exploring Oleta River State Park, Miami

Isn’t it strange how we tend to go out of our way when we’re on vacation, visiting another country or city but we seem to bypass interesting places right next door to where we spend most of our time, at home? The other day we decided to stop at the Oleta River State Park, which is only 10 minutes from our house. This park is huge and spans 1,043-acre much of which is waterfront on North Biscayne Bay. It’s hard to believe you’re in the middle of the city! We discovered a beautiful white sand beach ; the sand is like powdered sugar Continue reading Exploring Oleta River State Park, Miami

Ancient Spanish Monastery


This little gem is a haven located in North Miami. The grounds are beautiful and a breath of fresh air in the heart of the city.

The ancient monastery and the cloisters date back to the 12th Century; construction began in 1133 and ended in 1141. Cistercian monks occupied the monastery for almost 700 years in Spain! Continue reading Ancient Spanish Monastery

Visiting the Coral Castle Museum


If visiting something different is what you’re looking for, go check out Coral Castle and take the free narrative tour available in English, Spanish, French or German.

The castle, which is entirely made of coral, was built single-handedly by a Latvian American man who was 5-feet tall and weighed only 100 pounds. From 1923 to 1951 Edward Leedskalnin carved 1100 tons of coral stones using only handmade tools. He worked at nighttime to keep his methods secret—some believe Continue reading Visiting the Coral Castle Museum