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In this section we write about travel related technologies, gadgets and gizmos that we have used, liked, or seen. We are not paid for these write-ups but simply want to share our findings in the fast moving field of travel tech.

Rounding your nitrox values

While diving the Vandenberg, we were setup for two 100-feet+ dives running 30.2 and 30.8 percent nitrox mixes. For those that are not familiar with nitrox gas or diving, it is a mixture that contains more oxygen but has inherent hazards in that going below the prescribed depth can lead to oxygen toxicity and death. Divers train to know what these depths are and set their computers or their dive profiles accordingly. Continue reading Rounding your nitrox values

Staying safe on the water with the Nautilus GPS beacon

Anyone that has seen the movie Open Water, read the book Diver Down, or even read the many Divers Alert Network articles on diving safety knows that there can be a real risk of being swept away by currents and quite possibly out of view from your buddy, group, or dive boat. A scary thought. Continue reading Staying safe on the water with the Nautilus GPS beacon

Charge on the go!

Having flown over 2 million miles, I have had my share of travel experiences. I’ve also purchased and worked with a number of travel gadgets and gizmos, some good some bad. We’ve created this Travel Tech section to help our readers and we do not have any affiliation with these products nor do the manufacturers or distributors pay us. We simply write about what we believe in and what has helped us.

In thinking of travel tech, you would not ordinarily think about life saving devices. However Continue reading Charge on the go!