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Should you get an International Drivers Permit? 

We were recently in the Cayman Islands where we rented a car, and the rental car counter asked us for 20$ extra for a local license. This had happened to us once before in Rarotonga also where they actually issued a plasticized picture ID driver license from New Zealand (ready in 10 minutes), which made for a great souvenir!

The recent experience had us thinking about some of our upcoming international trips, and I realized that we had taken for granted that we could rent a car with our US drivers license worry free. Is that really the case?  Continue reading Should you get an International Drivers Permit? 

Going on a long trip: here are 12 tips on how to prepare

If you are lucky enough to be going on a long trip or extended vacation we are excited for you. For a variety of reasons we’ve always been somewhat restricted from taking long trips. Limited work vacation windows, pets to get back to, or simply limited time or money have held us back.

We’ve often thought, especially on those far away trips, that after traveling 20 or more hours to get to a destination, you really only start to Continue reading Going on a long trip: here are 12 tips on how to prepare

The Art of Haggling: 10 tips for getting the best price and enjoying doing it!

So you’re in the store, and there are no prices, you like the wooden carving and can picture it in your den, the color matches perfectly with those two bronze pieces you brought back from China. “How much?”, you ask pointing to the piece.

The store clerk, likely the owner, smiles and rubs his hands together in glee saying: Continue reading The Art of Haggling: 10 tips for getting the best price and enjoying doing it!

Organizing day tours

The following is an article written by fellow blogger, Derek Cullen. He’s traveled all over Africa and as you will read he’s quite passionate about organizing and offering great day tours.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Travel will change the way you see the world

Riding a bicycle through Africa was to be the most profound experience that would change everything about Continue reading Organizing day tours

Getting to the Airport

The first question might be whether to bring your car to the airport at all. Airports used to be notorious for car thieves lurking in the shadows but today’s video surveillance and security have certainly curbed much of that. Having a car stolen is a terrible experience. It happened to me once, and I actually saw the thief drive away on the surveillance camera after the fact. This all came as a flashback to me recently when returning from a trip and looking for my car only to find that the remote door opener was not generating any beeps. My heart sank Continue reading Getting to the Airport

One plus one does not always equal two!

Ever since we moved away from our home in Montreal, we have made it a tradition to get back for the Christmas holidays to spend time with family and friends. This has also proven to be just enough winter for us, how nice the Christmas lights are reflecting off the fresh white snow in December. Having spent most of our lives in Montreal, we know what follows, and we are always happy to get back on the flight to the south after a week or so of holiday visiting to escape those months of bitter cold.

The airlines have also learned to profit from the many travelers that flock back to the nest during holidays and this is Continue reading One plus one does not always equal two!