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Vacationing at a dive resort

So while we are avid scuba divers, our typical vacation has been made up of a combination of scuba diving and sightseeing at our destination. We would normally stay at a traditional hotel and find a local dive shop that was close by. This model has worked well for us but has also been fraught with challenges when it comes to cleaning and transporting dive gear. After a morning two-tank dive, dragging our dripping equipment through a fancy hotel lobby and trying to rinse it in the shower or tub has always been a challenge. Continue reading Vacationing at a dive resort

Exploring Portugal for a week

We’ve always wanted to go to Portugal – land of ancient explorers and navigators – located along the Atlantic coast and next to Spain, so when we saw TAP airlines, Portugal’s official airline, offering discounted direct flights from Miami we didn’t waste any time in planning an impromptu vacation. One of the benefits of being semi-retired!

We knew that we wanted to visit Lisbon and Porto so straight off we looked to find our hotels and train travel Continue reading Exploring Portugal for a week

A few days in Montreal for the holidays

Montreal is so beautiful under a fresh coat of snow! Even more so during the holidays when the Christmas lights are twinkling and glowing through the white snow. Every year since we moved south we look forward to our holiday time visit; it has become a tradition. To reunite and celebrate with family is the main purpose of our trip but we also get to reminisce about our lives there, after all this where we spent most of our lives. Revisiting some of our favorites places and indulging Continue reading A few days in Montreal for the holidays

Austin, Texas – Things to do & places to go

A few years back the opportunity to move to Austin presented itself and we took a leap of faith by leaving Montreal, our hometown, the place where we grew-up and lived all our lives. It wasn’t an easy decision to make with our family and friends there, but the opportunity was a good one and it opened up many doors for us. The lure of moving somewhere new and discovering a new city as well as living in a warmer climate was certainly appealing. Looking back Continue reading Austin, Texas – Things to do & places to go

A few days around San Juan, Puerto Rico

On a whim after seeing flights from Miami for just over 100$ return we decided to visit Puerto Rico. This was our first time here and as a US territory it is simple to get to. Miami had literally a dozen direct flights daily and the short 2.5-hour flight was a breeze. We enjoyed seeing the aqua blue beaches off the Bahamas from our plane window. One day we’re going to take a little excursion there as well. Continue reading A few days around San Juan, Puerto Rico

On safari, a dream come true!

This was a bucket list trip for me, as I had dreamed of going on safari for a very long time. My love and admiration of Big Cats went as far back as my childhood and the idea of getting close to these majestic animals was exhilarating. Here I was years later on my way to Africa to embark on an amazing journey that would change me forever. Continue reading On safari, a dream come true!