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South Florida Beach Guide

South Florida has a multitude of well-equipped beaches all along its coastline making it a pleasure for locals and visitors to partake in oceanfront beach activities. As we learned ourselves, the beaches are not always easy to find, and it’s not always obvious where to park or what facilities exist. It is our hope to document and present these spots in an easy to access guide so that our neighbors and our visitors alike can enjoy these wonderful spots. Heading up and down the coast to take pictures and document beaches is hard work,  but somebody has to do it, why not us  Continue reading South Florida Beach Guide

Participating in the Sea Watch and SOS Ocean Conservation Day and Beach Cleanup

Last Sunday we went to go take part in SOS’s beach cleanup in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea. More than a beach cleanup, this was an informative day with kiosks and tables setup by a number of local environmental causes and organizations including sea turtles, sharks, rescue a reef, and even some local dive shops. Continue reading Participating in the Sea Watch and SOS Ocean Conservation Day and Beach Cleanup

Exploring Oleta River State Park, Miami

Isn’t it strange how we tend to go out of our way when we’re on vacation, visiting another country or city but we seem to bypass interesting places right next door to where we spend most of our time, at home? The other day we decided to stop at the Oleta River State Park, which is only 10 minutes from our house. This park is huge and spans 1,043-acre much of which is waterfront on North Biscayne Bay. It’s hard to believe you’re in the middle of the city! We discovered a beautiful white sand beach ; the sand is like powdered sugar Continue reading Exploring Oleta River State Park, Miami

Beach cleanup efforts

Every time I go to the beach I end-up doing a mini beach cleanup. I just can’t leave that piece of plastic on the beach; I have to pick it up. It’s so easy to do so! Why litter when all we need to do is to bring back home, recycle or dispose of it in one of the numerous trash cans along the beach? It’s so easy that even little kids can do it! Sometimes people ask me why I’m doing this and I’m happy to Continue reading Beach cleanup efforts

N.A.T. | Beach cleanup initiative

N.A.T. = Neighbors Against Trash

Ever since I first heard about sea turtles dying because they ate plastic I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Did you know they eat it thinking it’s jellyfish and can later die because they swallowed a man-made indigestible and toxic substance? The ingested plastic can also block their digestive track and as a result they
become buoyant and can no longer dive to feed. Continue reading N.A.T. | Beach cleanup initiative

Miami (MIA) Layover

Miami International Airport (MIA) is an important hub and if I had a long layover of 6-hours or more I would take a taxi to Miami Beach or South Beach, which are approximately 13-miles (20 km) and 11-miles (18 km) away respectively. These are two of the most popular beaches in Florida and you will have access to public showers, restrooms and changing rooms. Another option to get to Continue reading Miami (MIA) Layover

22 Tips for choosing the right resort

With so many resorts available in so many different locations how does one choose? Knowing what you want and doing research before booking are key elements, but even if you are already booked some fact finding can help you prepare for your trip allowing you to make the most of the resort and know what to bring. Sometimes, what seems like a good deal at first can turn into a regrettable disappointment, and once you have landed in a distant place it’s hard to do much about it. We’ve experienced all of these things and Continue reading 22 Tips for choosing the right resort