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Snorkeling the Kittiwake

Yes, you read that right, snorkeling. We can hardly believe it ourselves. Being avid divers, and getting to Grand Cayman—through a series of unfortunate events we ended up on the Kittiwake without a scuba tank. Ok, not that snorkeling was bad; it was just so frustrating to see through that 100+ foot visibility all the divers below exploring the wreck, which was down at 40-60 feet. Continue reading Snorkeling the Kittiwake

Diving the Graveyard of the Caribbean in Roatan

Wrecks intrigue me—I find them fascinating and just love seeing their ghostly shape appear as I descend into the deep upon them. I wonder about their history and how they got there. Were they shipwrecked or purposely sunk to create artificial reefs where corals can grow and sea life can find refuge? Continue reading Diving the Graveyard of the Caribbean in Roatan

Scuba Diving Vacation at Antony’s Key Resort, Roatan

Ever since our amazing Tahiti trip where we first saw them, we’ve always wanted to try an overwater bungalow! We were delighted to find out that it’s possible to do this without traveling all the way to the South Pacific. Anthony’s Keys Resort is one such place on the island of Roatan in Honduras that offers overwater bungalow accommodations on a private key. Continue reading Scuba Diving Vacation at Antony’s Key Resort, Roatan

Diving Grand Cayman’s East End

We’re just back from a 5-day trip to Grand Cayman where we stayed at the Compass Point Dive Resort on the East End of the island and dove with the resident dive operation, Ocean Frontiers. What a great experience! It was our first dive resort and we’re already booked to stay at another one in Roatan this fall. That’s how much we loved it!

The hotel’s motto was ‘roll out of bed onto the dive boat’ and it was quite literally that for us. Our oceanfront suite was spacious and we enjoyed some beautiful sunrises from our balcony as we prepared for our morning dives. Continue reading Diving Grand Cayman’s East End

Vacationing at a dive resort

So while we are avid scuba divers, our typical vacation has been made up of a combination of scuba diving and sightseeing at our destination. We would normally stay at a traditional hotel and find a local dive shop that was close by. This model has worked well for us but has also been fraught with challenges when it comes to cleaning and transporting dive gear. After a morning two-tank dive, dragging our dripping equipment through a fancy hotel lobby and trying to rinse it in the shower or tub has always been a challenge. Continue reading Vacationing at a dive resort

A few days around San Juan, Puerto Rico

On a whim after seeing flights from Miami for just over 100$ return we decided to visit Puerto Rico. This was our first time here and as a US territory it is simple to get to. Miami had literally a dozen direct flights daily and the short 2.5-hour flight was a breeze. We enjoyed seeing the aqua blue beaches off the Bahamas from our plane window. One day we’re going to take a little excursion there as well. Continue reading A few days around San Juan, Puerto Rico