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Visiting the Palm Beach Zoo

As a child I looked forward to zoo outings either with my family or school. I just loved seeing all the animals and for me this was very exiting! My favorites were big cats and seals. The other day I came across an old photo album filled with seal pictures that I had taken as a young girl. There were dozens and on some photos the seals heads were missing but they found a place in my album regardless. Zoos were the only place where I could see and observe exotic animals and this is where my appreciation for these majestic creatures was born. Continue reading Visiting the Palm Beach Zoo

Exploring the backwaters on the Jungle Queen!

We recently had some family visiting so we were out on the tourist track taking them around to see local sites and attractions. One that we’ve done in the past ourselves was the Jungle Queen riverboat adventure. Located just across the southern point of Fort Lauderdale beach on the Intracoastal side, this attraction has been operating since 1935 and Continue reading Exploring the backwaters on the Jungle Queen!

Organizing day tours

The following is an article written by fellow blogger, Derek Cullen. He’s traveled all over Africa and as you will read he’s quite passionate about organizing and offering great day tours.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Travel will change the way you see the world

Riding a bicycle through Africa was to be the most profound experience that would change everything about Continue reading Organizing day tours

Group Tours versus Private Tours

Most travel companies will organize a private tour for a supplemental charge. That’s what we did for our African safari and we have no regrets. It was great to have the jeep to ourselves and to be able to choose whether to stay longer at different vistas and to go off the beaten path with our driver-guide.

We have traveled in organized group tours before and during these trips we had to stick with the group. It’s not bad if you have a good group but exceptions do occur. Once we were stuck Continue reading Group Tours versus Private Tours