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Snorkeling the Kittiwake

Yes, you read that right, snorkeling. We can hardly believe it ourselves. Being avid divers, and getting to Grand Cayman—through a series of unfortunate events we ended up on the Kittiwake without a scuba tank. Ok, not that snorkeling was bad; it was just so frustrating to see through that 100+ foot visibility all the divers below exploring the wreck, which was down at 40-60 feet. Continue reading Snorkeling the Kittiwake

Recheck your shore excursion descriptions upon boarding

If you read the fine print on your cruise documents, all excursions are subject to change and of course you do not have much say in the matter. Whether this is due to weather, lack of sufficient booking or perhaps equipment issues with the provider—we’ve experienced all of the above and been forced to scramble making last minute arrangements. Continue reading Recheck your shore excursion descriptions upon boarding