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Exploring Fort Jefferson and the Dry Tortugas

Probably the hardest national park to get to, the Dry Tortugas is the location of Fort Jefferson which housed the motley crew accused of conspiring in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Originally built between 1846 and 1875 to try and contain and control trade in the area, the fort was plagued with disease and troubles and never fully finished. It’s the largest brick masonry structure ever built in the Americas and uses over 16 Million bricks! Continue reading Exploring Fort Jefferson and the Dry Tortugas

Florida Keys Update

The Keys are open, and they would welcome and appreciate our business!

On Sept 10th, Hurricane Irma, a storm the size of Texas barreled across the Keys and up the Florida Peninsula causing havoc and devastation. The eye crossed at Big Pine, Summerland and Cudjoe Key but there was major damage all the way from Key Largo to Key West Continue reading Florida Keys Update

National Parks Road Trip: Exploring the Southwest Canyons

Canyons Tour

Las Vegas was the perfect launching point for a visit to the picturesque canyons in the US National Parks. We’ve also used Vegas as a home base to see Death Valley and helicopter over the Hoover dam to hit the Grand Canyon in the past. Strange as it is, the glitz and glamour of the “in your face” Vegas is just so different from the natural beauty and peaceful nature of the scenery just a short drive away. To each his own I guess. We must also say that even though many of the parks we visited are only an hour or two apart, it is amazing how different the scenery is from one to the other. Each spectacular in their own way as they revealed themselves to us. We will walk you through what we visited and some of the tips we would recommend should you also decide to visit this beautiful region.

Continue reading National Parks Road Trip: Exploring the Southwest Canyons

On safari, a dream come true!

This was a bucket list trip for me, as I had dreamed of going on safari for a very long time. My love and admiration of Big Cats went as far back as my childhood and the idea of getting close to these majestic animals was exhilarating. Here I was years later on my way to Africa to embark on an amazing journey that would change me forever. Continue reading On safari, a dream come true!