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Scuba Diving Vacation at Antony’s Key Resort, Roatan

Ever since our amazing Tahiti trip where we first saw them, we’ve always wanted to try an overwater bungalow! We were delighted to find out that it’s possible to do this without traveling all the way to the South Pacific. Anthony’s Keys Resort is one such place on the island of Roatan in Honduras that offers overwater bungalow accommodations on a private key. Continue reading Scuba Diving Vacation at Antony’s Key Resort, Roatan

Vacationing at a dive resort

So while we are avid scuba divers, our typical vacation has been made up of a combination of scuba diving and sightseeing at our destination. We would normally stay at a traditional hotel and find a local dive shop that was close by. This model has worked well for us but has also been fraught with challenges when it comes to cleaning and transporting dive gear. After a morning two-tank dive, dragging our dripping equipment through a fancy hotel lobby and trying to rinse it in the shower or tub has always been a challenge. Continue reading Vacationing at a dive resort

22 Tips for choosing the right resort

With so many resorts available in so many different locations how does one choose? Knowing what you want and doing research before booking are key elements, but even if you are already booked some fact finding can help you prepare for your trip allowing you to make the most of the resort and know what to bring. Sometimes, what seems like a good deal at first can turn into a regrettable disappointment, and once you have landed in a distant place it’s hard to do much about it. We’ve experienced all of these things and Continue reading 22 Tips for choosing the right resort