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Recheck your shore excursion descriptions upon boarding

If you read the fine print on your cruise documents, all excursions are subject to change and of course you do not have much say in the matter. Whether this is due to weather, lack of sufficient booking or perhaps equipment issues with the provider—we’ve experienced all of the above and been forced to scramble making last minute arrangements. Continue reading Recheck your shore excursion descriptions upon boarding

Making lemonade out of lemons – when life throws you a curve ball

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and unexpected situations arise and you just have to go with the flow. Accept. Adapt. Make a new plan and make the most of it. Life is short and meant to be enjoyed!

This is exactly what happened to us, we had finally taken the plunge and booked our Caribbean cruise out of Miami, something we’d been meaning  Continue reading Making lemonade out of lemons – when life throws you a curve ball

Rounding your nitrox values

While diving the Vandenberg, we were setup for two 100-feet+ dives running 30.2 and 30.8 percent nitrox mixes. For those that are not familiar with nitrox gas or diving, it is a mixture that contains more oxygen but has inherent hazards in that going below the prescribed depth can lead to oxygen toxicity and death. Divers train to know what these depths are and set their computers or their dive profiles accordingly. Continue reading Rounding your nitrox values

South Florida Beach Guide

South Florida has a multitude of well-equipped beaches all along its coastline making it a pleasure for locals and visitors to partake in oceanfront beach activities. As we learned ourselves, the beaches are not always easy to find, and it’s not always obvious where to park or what facilities exist. It is our hope to document and present these spots in an easy to access guide so that our neighbors and our visitors alike can enjoy these wonderful spots. Heading up and down the coast to take pictures and document beaches is hard work,  but somebody has to do it, why not us  Continue reading South Florida Beach Guide

Keeping your money secure while traveling

Once when riding the bateau-mouche sightseeing boat in Paris someone got my train pass right out of my pocket. Despite posted warnings about pick pockets and my trying to be careful, boarding the boat, looking at the sights, being a little groggy from a long flight and enjoying the ride brought down my guard. This happens in a split second. Continue reading Keeping your money secure while traveling