Group Tours versus Private Tours

Most travel companies will organize a private tour for a supplemental charge. That’s what we did for our African safari and we have no regrets. It was great to have the jeep to ourselves and to be able to choose whether to stay longer at different vistas and to go off the beaten path with our driver-guide.

We have traveled in organized group tours before and during these trips we had to stick with the group. It’s not bad if you have a good group but exceptions do occur. Once we were stuck Continue reading Group Tours versus Private Tours

Machu Picchu, the Incas’ masterpiece!

Our most recent trip to Latin America was to the land of the Incas in Peru where we visited the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, and Cusco. We started our journey in the Urubamba Valley (also known as the Sacred Valley) and this was ideal as it allowed us to visit the area and acclimatize to the altitude before heading out to the pinnacle of our trip, Machu Picchu. Overall, we had an amazing trip filled with visits to some incredible sites and lots of delicious food along the way.

Of course, the Incas’ masterpiece is without a doubt the ancient city of Machu Picchu, I’ll never forget seeing it for the first time. Even with all the pent-up expectations that come with planning the trip, when you finally hike up over that last hill and see it, it takes your breath away. Pictures don’t do it justice! Read more

Galápagos Islands, such a fascinating place!

An expedition trip to Ecuador and the Galápagos was one of our most memorable travel experiences and if we have the chance, we would return to this exiting and mesmerizing place in an instant!

The Galápagos Islands are such an amazing place to discover with each island being unique with it’s own creatures. Somehow, the animals adapted to their rugged and unfriendly environment by evolving to survive. Read more