One plus one does not always equal two!

Ever since we moved away from our home in Montreal, we have made it a tradition to get back for the Christmas holidays to spend time with family and friends. This has also proven to be just enough winter for us, how nice the Christmas lights are reflecting off the fresh white snow in December. Having spent most of our lives in Montreal, we know what follows, and we are always happy to get back on the flight to the south after a week or so of holiday visiting to escape those months of bitter cold.

The airlines have also learned to profit from the many travelers that flock back to the nest during holidays and this is Continue reading One plus one does not always equal two!

Power travel – Speed travel

If you’re like us, you probably don’t have the luxury of heading out on a road trip with no end in sight. You most likely have a limited amount of vacation days available, or can only take so many at a time. You may have kids that attend school, an elderly relative that needs your help, or even a beloved pet that you can’t bring yourself to leave for weeks on end. Whatever the reason might be, you will want to get the most out of your destination in the short time you have.

Enter Speed Travel. Pre-planning, prioritizing, Continue reading Power travel – Speed travel

Manta Ray Night Dive, an experience not to be missed!

My husband and I have become passionate about scuba diving. We used to snorkel a lot but after we got our certifications for diving it opened up a new underwater world to us. Diving allows us to get a closer look at the beautiful sea creatures and to see them in action. It allows us to stay neutrally buoyant at depth seemingly floating still in their world. Discovering them hidden in the crevices of the reef is a lot of fun.

The Manta Ray Night Dive is an experience not to be missed and it should be on every scuba diver’s list. These majestic and gentle creatures Continue reading Manta Ray Night Dive, an experience not to be missed!

Anytime dining or traditional dining: Pros & Cons

More cruises now offer anytime dining (also called open seating) which means you can choose to go to any of the eligible restaurants without a reservation. Historically, when booking your cruise, you had to pre-select your dining time choosing between the  early seating (at 5:30 – 6 pm) and late seating (usually at 8 – 8:30 pm). You would then be assigned a place at a table of 8, 10, or 12 other passengers. This had you adhering to a regular schedule regardless of whether the ship was in port or at sea. Some people may like the routine, while others may prefer to remain flexible with their meal plans. There are pros and cons to both options and we have had experiences, good and bad,

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Are ship shore excursions worth it or are you better off on your own?

Taking an excursion with the cruise ship isn’t always necessary. It all depends on what you want to do and how easy it is to venture out on your own. Much of this is port specific, as some ports are within walking distance of activities and sites while others are further away and might require a guide. Continue reading Are ship shore excursions worth it or are you better off on your own?

Miami (MIA) Layover

Miami International Airport (MIA) is an important hub and if I had a long layover of 6-hours or more I would take a taxi to Miami Beach or South Beach, which are approximately 13-miles (20 km) and 11-miles (18 km) away respectively. These are two of the most popular beaches in Florida and you will have access to public showers, restrooms and changing rooms. Another option to get to Continue reading Miami (MIA) Layover

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