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Why I started a travel blog?

When I decided to start writing a travel blog my main purpose was to put into words and share my numerous travel experiences. Some good,  some interesting, others memorable but never bad! The urge to write it all down came as suddenly as the travel bug hit me!

My intent was to share my experience and thoughts on traveling and the various places I had visited. Long before I started reading travel blogs, I had been to 45 countries (now 55) and hundreds of destinations; traveled by bus, car, plane, train and cruise ship. I had experienced road trips, camping, cruises, organized tours, private tours, all inclusive resorts, safaris and eco tours. I think my travel experience is pretty extensive and diversified. Over my 20+ years of travel, I figured out many ways to travel better, lighter and more often!

My passion to travel was born during my first trip overseas to the Dominican Republic. It rained everyday, but I still enjoyed it! The funny thing is that the sun came out on our last day! That experience only fueled my desire to go back as soon as possible. The next time I visited it was sunny everyday! It only goes to show that even if your first experience or two are not ideal, don’t give up. There are so many beautiful places in the world to see—I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

I absolutely love all aspects of travel from planning to talking or writing about my trips afterward. I write about my own travel experiences and post pictures from my numerous travels and scuba diving outings. Of course, the best part is discovering new places!

As far as blogging goes, it’s a different story. I can write about travel no problem, but I had to learn from scratch how to create a website and navigate WordPress. As far as SEO goes, well I know nothing about it and do not make money from blogging, maybe one day…

Do I need the stress of getting a fixation on SEO, probably not, but it would be nice if my blog got more visitors. I hope it will… but if it doesn’t at least I’ll have a fantastic memory book of my travels around the world to reminisce in my old age or for the day I can no longer roam around if that day ever comes…

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Bon Voyage!


Depending on the destination I’m visiting, I choose a type of trip: organized tour (group and private), cruise, resort, or self-directed. Different modes of transportation can be required and I’ve traveled by plane, car, jeep, cruise ship, riverboat, exploration ship, helicopter, submarine, train, subway, bus and on foot.

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