The most convenient ways to visit this city in the United Kingdom are: to go while taking a cruise or by visiting the Costa del Sol in Spain. When you enter by land you will have to drive or walk across the airport runway!

Airport runway and Spain on the other side!

Make sure to take a Rock Tour and to visit these highlights:

Saint Michael Cave: This huge cave was used has a bomb proof hospital during WW2. It has been converted into a concert hall. The vastness of it has to be experienced!

Inside the huge Saint Michael’s cave

????????????????????????????????????WW2 Tunnels: Theses tunnels are an extension of the Great Siege Tunnels that were excavated from 1770-83. The Royal engineers and Canadian engineers extended them from 1939-44. There is 50 km (32 miles) of tunnels! Do not miss this!


Europa Point:  This is Europe’s most southern point. It’s only 14.3 km (8.9 miles) from Morocco. On a clear day, you can see the coast of Africa.

View of Gibraltar from Europa Point

Gibraltar ApesGibraltar is also the home of the Barbary apes, the only place in Europe where you can see apes in the wild. The legend has it that if the apes disappear, so will the British.

Barbary apes, Gibraltar

Many shops and restaurants line the narrow streets. Make sure to take a stroll and enjoy some fish and chips.