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The first time we visited Honduras we stayed at a resort for a week near Tela on the mainland. The beach was nice and the Caribbean Sea’s warm waters were enjoyable. However, it was sad to see many children walking the beach in the heat of the day trying to sell trinkets or coco bread to tourists. Poverty was rampant and clearly evident. At one point an exhausted little boy sat on the edge of my chair, he needed a break. It was heart wrenching. We bought some of the coco bread he was selling.

Lots of birds could be seen around our resort…

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During our week long visit, we did a few excursions including visiting a Garifuna village, where we learned about the local culture and got to eat fried fresh fish and french-fries made by the villagers. It was good and we were almost surprised that we didn’t get sick considering there wasn’t any electricity or running clean water available.


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Before lunch, we enjoyed a leisurely boat ride to observe, howler monkeys, birds and alligators in the local mangroves.

Birds and other wildlife inhabit the mangroves…

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We also took a snorkeling excursion where we went to a small island renown for the boas that inhabit it. The surrounding waters where reminiscent of the South Pacific and the snorkeling was great. While we didn’t see any boas during our nature walk the weather turned bad and the ride back on a very small boat through big waves and little to no visibility was scary. Fortunately our skipper knew the waters, but everyone was really quiet and scared, and grateful to make it back alive.


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Our other visits to Honduras were to Roatán in the Caribbean.

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