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Cozumel is a popular Mexican cruise port. It isn’t unusual to see 10 cruise ships in port at the same time. Adjacent to the port, you’ll find lots of shopping opportunities for Mexican handicrafts, souvenirs, T-shirts and even duty-free shopping.

Port of Cozumel & Shopping Plaza

Popular excursions from this port include snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water related activities. It’s also possible to take the ferry to the mainland to go visit the archeological Mayan site of Tulum.  An excursion to Tulum with the cruise ship is recommended in case of delays. If you go on your own, don’t be late getting back, the cruise ship will leave without you!

We’ve been to Cozumel twice while cruising. Our main objective was to go scuba diving, which we did and the diving was fantastic.  We hope to return for more diving and for a longer stay to explore this port further.

A few minutes into the water and this cute turtle showed up!

Then as we got deeper, this graceful 6 – 7 foot shark swam by.

A bit further, this stingray rose up from the sea floor and glided away.

Sticking its head out from its hiding place, this moray eel tried to look menacing. (It’s actually just breathing.)

This large lobster was crawling around without a care in the world; after all, he was in a protected marine sanctuary…



IMG_0649 IMG_0651Scuba diving in Cozumel was amazing!

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Adiós por ahora Cozumel!

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