In my opinion the easiest way to visit Alaska is by cruise ship. In some areas driving is impossible and travel must be done by boat, helicopter or plane. Seaplanes are a great option as well.

Beautiful Alaskan sunset

Alaskan Cruise

My husband and I visited Alaska in September 2014 and if we did it again we would go in May or June. The scenery would be more spectacular with the ice and snow. Also, the Humpback whales would be in the area!

Cruising Alaska

Our cruise to Alaska from Seattle took us to Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. While cruising we went to see the Sawyer Glacier. On the way back to Seattle, we stopped in Victoria, Canada.

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In this cruise port, we took an excursion to Misty Fjords National Monument. The scenery is beautiful and the waterfalls add life to it. The views were spectacular from our flight on an authentic floatplane, an experience not to be missed!

Misty Fjords


Our helicopter ride took us to two locations. The first landing was on an ice glacier and at the second spot we were walking on snow. From the sky, we saw the Mendenhall glacier, the Devil’s Paw and many other splendid views. The experience was amazing!

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On top of the glacier

While in Juneau, make sure to eat some King Crab. The legs and claws were huge and this was the most delicious crab we ever tasted! Indulge, even if you’re not hungry!


In this port, we did an excursion that took us to the Yukon Territory in Canada. Beautiful lakes, the Yukon River with mountains in the backdrop and the Tundra line the highway. In Caribou Crossing, provided there is no snow, you’ll see the Carcross desert. Who would of though there was a desert in Canada!

Small town, mostly seasonal

We took the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway back to Skagway. That railway was built during the Klondike Gold Rush and the wooden bridges give it a rustic look. During the ride, the views are splendid. A wonderful experience!

White Pass and Yukon Route Railway


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