The first time we went to Seattle was back in ’99. We drove from Vancouver for a day trip. We visited Pike Place Market and Pioneer Square. We took the Underground tour and our guide was quite entertaining and the stories were pretty funny too. Go and find out!

We were back in Seattle for our Alaskan cruise. We arrived a day prior to our departure and we stayed an extra day after. We made the most of our time… Our favorites places were the EMP Museum and the Chihuly Gardens and Glass. Near by you’ll see the Space Needle.

Seattle and Mount Rainier in the background

Pioneer Square: This is the Historic Seattle and also where you’ll find the entrance to the Underground tour. Our guide was quite entertaining and the stories were pretty funny too. We enjoyed it! Here, you’ll also find other tourist attractions.

Pike Place Market: Lots of shops and food venues to choose from and the most famous coffee shop is without a doubt the original Starbucks. Also, people come here to see the fish being thrown around at the fish market. Make sure to get out of the way!

Pike Place Market
Pike Place Market

Waterfront: This is a nice place to take a stroll, buy souvenirs and find a place to eat. We enjoyed our dinner at the Crab Pot.

Seattle Aquarium: The exhibits are well done and interesting and worth your time. Some residents are also very cute!

IMG_1829 copy
Cute tiny frilly fish

Space Needle: From the top, you can enjoy a 360° view of the city.

IMG_1827 copy
Our cruise ship from the Space Needle


EMP Museum: This museum is a must for all music lover and movie enthusiasms.  Great exhibits with interactive installations. The Jimmy Hendrix, the guitar gallery and the horror movie exhibits were some of the highlights for us. We could of stayed there for hours but our time was running short…

Chihuly Garden and Glass: This glass museum is stunning. The grandiosity of the exhibits is amazing. Do not miss this!

IMG_1821  IMG_1824

Columbia Center Sky View: This observatory is higher than the Space Needle and lest crowded. However, you’ll enjoy the views from behind a window.

View from the Columbia Center Sky View

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