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Visiting Florida’s Natural Springs in Crystal River, Homosassa, and Rainbow Springs

This post should be called swimming with the manatees, but it turned out that an unseasonably warm February made for conditions that sent the manatees on their way back to the Gulf by the time we arrived. We still got to see a few manatees in Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park (where they have some rescued ones they are rehabilitating) but the usual population that migrates to the springs to escape the cold waters of the Gulf in a typical season (mid-Nov. to Mar.) had already left. Continue reading Visiting Florida’s Natural Springs in Crystal River, Homosassa, and Rainbow Springs

National Parks Road Trip: Exploring the Southwest Canyons

Canyons Tour

Las Vegas was the perfect launching point for a visit to the picturesque canyons in the US National Parks. We’ve also used Vegas as a home base to see Death Valley and helicopter over the Hoover dam to hit the Grand Canyon in the past. Strange as it is, the glitz and glamour of the “in your face” Vegas is just so different from the natural beauty and peaceful nature of the scenery just a short drive away. To each his own I guess. We must also say that even though many of the parks we visited are only an hour or two apart, it is amazing how different the scenery is from one to the other. Each spectacular in their own way as they revealed themselves to us. We will walk you through what we visited and some of the tips we would recommend should you also decide to visit this beautiful region.

Continue reading National Parks Road Trip: Exploring the Southwest Canyons

Ireland Road Trip

Road tripping through Ireland isn’t for the faint of heart and can at times have some hair-raising moments, even more so, I imagine, for those (like us) that are used to driving on the right side of the road. Plenty of narrow winding roads must be taken to reach some interesting sites or off the beaten path attractions. It took some getting used too since driving on the left side isn’t an easy task and doesn’t come naturally for us right side drivers. Continue reading Ireland Road Trip

Should you get an International Drivers Permit? 

We were recently in the Cayman Islands where we rented a car and the rental car counter asked us for 20$ extra for a local license. This had happened to us once before in Rarotonga also where they actually issued a plasticized picture ID driver license from New Zealand (ready in 10 minutes), which made for a great souvenir!

The recent experience had us thinking about some of our upcoming international trips, and I realized that we had taken for granted that we could rent a car with our US drivers license worry free. Is that really the case?  Continue reading Should you get an International Drivers Permit?