This vast northern country is our former home, as we both grew up in Montreal. I used to love it when people asked me: “Hey, you’re from Canada… I know a guy named Joe Smith… do you know him?” Canada has a population of 35 millions. It’s 5780 miles (9306 km) wide and reaches up into the Arctic. It’s vast! That said, over 90 percent of the population of Canada resides within 100 miles of the US border.

Ottawa Parliament
Ottawa Parliament

Ottawa is Canada’s capital and the Parliament is probably the city’s most beautiful building perched-up on Parliament Hill overlooking the Ottawa River.

Landing in Montreal
Landing in Montreal

Canada has a lot to offer with something for just about everyone. From its bustling cosmopolitan cities like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, to isolated nature scenes such as the Tundra, the Canadian Rockies, and many fresh water lakes and waterways.

Canadian Rockies

There is a wide array of cultural activities as well as many outdoor activities ranging from skiing, snow boarding, hiking, biking, swimming, fishing, you name it!

Snowy mountain

One year, we spent our vacation going across Canada. We started on the eastern most point of the Trans Canada Highway in Newfoundland and worked our way through the Bay of Fundy to Halifax. We then flew to Calgary and drove through the Rockies into Vancouver. From there, we took the ferry to Victoria Island to get to the western most point of the Trans Canada Highway.

IMG_4694 IMG_4693

Many people rave about the train going across the Rockies; we saw it in our drive and that too would have been a fantastic way to travel.

Montreal – Québec City & the Countryside – Victoria – Yukon