When we think of the Klondike Gold Rush, we can’t forget that the Yukon Territory was also part of it. Nowadays, there are many diamonds mines. After all, there is a diamond on the Yukon flag.

The Yukon

During our Alaskan cruise, our cruise ship offered an excursion to the Yukon Territory, so we just had to go. We rode on the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway along deep gorges and over narrow wooden bridges. It was a wonderful experience and we’re happy we went!

Emerald water!

CARIBOU CROSSING: Provided there is no snow, you’ll see the Carcross desert. Who would have though there is a desert in Canada!

Carcross Desert
Carcross Desert

Caribou Crossing Trading Post: This is where you’ll find Yukon’s most extensive wildlife museum. A great learning experience for all! If you’re into this kind of thing, there is also a Dog Musher’s Village.