The Texas landscape is very diverse. From scenes that could be out of the Bugs Bunny and Road Runner show with flat plains and rough country to the rolling hills filled with blue bonnets in Hill Country, and the sandy beaches of the Gulf Coast.

Galveston beach

There are also large cities like Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin the state’s capital.


You’ll also find some towns so small that you would miss them if you blinked.  Some of these could be straight out of a western movie.  They are scattered all over the second largest state of the USA—the largest state being Alaska.


There’s plenty to do for those who enjoy the great outdoors and being out on the water. Texas has many lakes; it’s not all about tumbleweeds rolling in the arid desert like portrayed in Western movies although some places do look the part!

Lake Travis & Sometime Island

Texas has plenty of land for those needing solitude. With so many hiking trails available, it’s easy to escape from the crowds. Just keep an eye out for rattlesnakes and other poisonous creatures!

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